As social creatures, humans depend on one another to survive and thrive. Yet, how precisely do these social connections influence our lives? My research highlights two distinct pathways through which social relationships enable people to thrive:everyday social interactions” and “relationship construals”.


Everyday Social Interactions

From casual conversations to receiving social support, one critical pathway through which social relationships enable individuals to thrive is through everyday social interactions. For representative papers, see Lee et al. (in press), Verduyn, Lee et al. (2015), or Kross et al. (2013).

Relationship Construals

In this line of research, I find that the effects of social relationships on goals, well-being, and health may depend on how people construe or think about their own relationships. For representative papers, see Lee & Ybarra, (2017), Lee, Ybarra, Gonzalez, & Ellsworth, (2018), or Lee & Way (2019).